Approach to weight loss, friends and parties!

Approach to weight loss, friends and parties!

This week I want to talk about alcohol…

Drinking has long been seen as a way to approach the divine and occupies an important place in our idea of  fun, celebration and social networking.

In fact, many of you often tell me that it is difficult, on special occasions, not to consume alcohol. It is not because you are alcoholic, of course, but sometimes because of social pressure, the desire to have fun or just relax, you are brought to consume wine, spirits or beer.

First, it is important to note that all alcohol , regardless of type, contain substantially the same number of calories (except for light beers ) . Alcohol itself, to explain roughly, is a form of sugar that can contribute to weight gain.

As well, to avoid side effects such as increased appetite and water retention , simply plan your intake as you would for any dessert or simply to avoid taking.

Abstinence can sometimes stirs different issues; pressure from guests and the perception of having less fun than others.

For my part, when I am the target of such questions and pressure from others and I find that these people are not the ones with which I want to discuss the operation of my menu, I use the little white lie technique.

The little white lie is quite harmless, such as:

  1. Make or ask for a Virgin Bloody Mary – Bloody Mary without alcohol.
  2. Drink a rum and coke without the rum.
  3. Plead a urinary tract infection and antibiotic use.
  4. Say that you had enough alcohol this week and my stomach does not tolerate more.
  5. That you try to avoid a migraine.

This is not an exhaustive list of white lies that you can use. Apply this tactic and develop you own strategies so that you can avoid explaining yourself and justifying yourself to others.

Finally, let’s ponder about the unrealistic thinking about pleasure. If alcohol would be a prerequisite for pleasure, all the parties I attended as a child would have had to be a painfully boring. As this was not the case at all, I remember that pleasure is above all a state of mind!

As you experiment you will find your own tactics vis- à-vis alcohol and to deal with social pressure.

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