List of basic foods

List of essential foods

Here are some suggestions for foods to always have at hand. In addition to promoting a healthy diet, they can help you when you are caught (lack of protein supplements, snack, etc.).

  • Fish and seafood, canned or frozen tuna, salmon, sardines, crab, oyster, shrimp (preferred products in the rinse water or oil).
  • Vegetable canned, frozen or marinade: yellow or green beans, red peppers, jalapenos, pickles with dill (or do it yourself with boiling water and vinegar).
  • Green Tea
  • The infusion
  • The fresh lemon or lime juice or concentrate
  • All kinds of vinegar without sugar
  • Spices and herbs varied
  • Preferred sweetener
  • Pulses (for conventional menu)
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Gelatin powder, unsweetened, Jello Léger
  • Salt or salt flavored
  • Pepper

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