Our approach

First meeting Getting to know you

Our team will help you to shape your « à la Carte » menu by considering…

  • your motivations and your behavioral profile;
  • your goals for weight loss and physical activity (no matter your fitness level);
  • your lifestyle, work, and social activities;
  • your current state of health (eg polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, etc.);
    Follow-up by a doctor may be necessary;
  • your relation with food (eating your emotions, comforts foods, triggers);
  • your tastes and your food preferences.
    Or any special situation (e.g.  pregnancy or lactation).

The secret for short and long-term success

Several studies show that diets or weight-loss programs offering a global approach as well as counselling give better results (for weight loss and maintenance) than those undertaken in solo, improvised or with a depersonalized  method (e.g. online/email).

This is why you will receive, during your subsequent visits, an individual support at the frequency that suits you. For as little as $ 10.73 per week, you can enjoy unlimited follow-up visits.

We expect that you have some pitfalls or food challenges. You may even feel the need to change the menu during the process. Our range of ‹‹à la Carte›› menus allows this flexibility.

We have no desire to judge your behavior. We would rather help you change those that displease perturb you. We will not ask you for perfection; IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR YOU TO SUCCEED!
Paradoxically, it is when you experience obstacles that we are more able to identify the triggers, and thus, develop together strategies that will not only promote loss but also help in  weight maintenance.

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