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  • Johanne Miucci-Vachon

Snacks: friends or foes?

It has often been said that nibbling between meals makes you gain weight. This is true if you consume snacks too rich in calories or low in protein, or if you nibble when bored. A thoughtful snack at the right time will help you lose weight. Here’s how!

The Benefits of Snacking

Snacking is a good idea, on the nutrition side. First, it is better to eat small meals more frequently during the day, at the rate of one’s physical hunger, rather than sticking to three meals that are widely spaced in time. Nibbling reduces hunger at dinner or dinner and keeps calorie intake constant throughout the day, making us more satisfied.

Moreover, taking snacks saves you from this afternoon crash, often caused by too much dinner or too long intervals between meals. So you maintain your energy level throughout the day, while better controlling your blood sugar.

Smart Nibble

For your snacking to be good, opt for nutritious snacks between 100 and 150 calories. Look for protein and fibre-rich foods: fresh fruit with a cheese rack, sugar-free compotes with Greek yogurt or skyr, raw vegetables with a light dip, cottage cheese with fruit or light jam, unsalted soy nuts. For a no-brainer solution, stock up on our Zipper protein snacks in a variety of flavours.

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