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  • Johanne Miucci-Vachon

Sexy Legumes

Okay, it’s not the legumes that come first when we think of sexy foods! Yet this large plant family has been consumed by humans for millennia, for a whole bunch of good reasons. Let yourself be seduced by beans and lentils!

The large class of legumes includes a variety of plants: soybeans, red or black, beans (red, black and white), lentils (green, brown and red), pinto or Lima beans, beans, peas (whole, broken, chickpeas). It is not the choice that is missing and good news: Canada is the world’s largest producer!

A buffet of benefits

Legumes are:

● An excellent source of vegetable protein

● Rich in minerals (such as iron and potassium) and vitamins (such as thiamine and folic acid)

● An excellent source of fibre

● Low in fat

● Versatile in the kitchen and very affordable.

How to add to them to your menu

You can easily replace some or all of the meat in some recipes, such as spaghetti sauce or chili. Add legumes to your favourite dishes, such as tofu stir-fried rice, bean burrito or lentil soup. Also opt for snacks from legumes such as lupines, grilled chickpeas or flavoured soy nuts.

Finally, take a look at our good recipes, easy and tasty! [Link to the recipes page—coming soon]

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